call center test sample

Set your expectations about the possible call center test /s that you might encounter during your job application.


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mia golosino

In case you missed this. Mia Golosino, a Filipina genius with an IQ higher than Einstein was denied placement from Aylesbury high grammar school. The rejection caused her parents to arrange an intelligence test facilitated by Mensa. After the test the score showed that Mia Golosino had an IQ of 162 higher than Einstein and …

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Paano mag apply sa Call center

Simple guide and tips for our aspiring call center agents. Paano mag apply sa call center ?

spotify promo

What can you expect on a Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A new Spotify promo launched by of course The music app God Spotify is circulating the internet and making people think “damn I’ve got to buy a new head phone” Spotify offers their Premium subscription plan for only Php 9.00 good for 3 months. …

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Phone interview questions

Have you tried to apply in a call center company? If not, then you should expect some phone interview questions prior your official application. Phone Interview, one of the ms common recruitment process of any call center company to gauge you if you are fit for the position you are applying for. Most of the …

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Requirements for a Call Center Agent

Requirements for a Call Center Agent, Most of the young workers of The Philippines aspire to get into the B.P.O Industry specifically in call centers. Whats good about working for a call center is that you get to work comfortably in an office setting. Another good thing about call centers, they don’t discriminate people based …

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Ano ang call center

Ano ang call center? Ang call center ay maaring isang kumpanya na nag bibigay ng customer service. Karamihan ng call centers dito sa Pilipinas ay napapaloob sa Business Process Outsourcing. Isang magandang halimbawa ay ang technical support ng iyong internet o cable. Kapag ikaw ay nakararanas ng problema tatawag ka sa customer service o technical …

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Call center companies provides man power, innovative process, and customer service to its client. Most of the Call cen are BPO in nature. BPO stands for Business Process Outsource. View this in Taglish What does a BPO company do? BPO companies does the tasks that their client told them to do where most of the …

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