What is a call center company and Business Process Outsource?

Call center companies provides man power, innovative process, and customer service to its client. Most of the Call cen are BPO in nature. BPO stands for Business Process Outsource.

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What does a BPO company do?

BPO companies does the tasks that their client told them to do where most of the tasks has something to do with customer service.

For better understanding here is good example.

Jollibee, a well known fast food in the Philippines has its 24/7 food delivery hotline. The food delivery service is very convenient specially to those who cannot go out to buy food.

When you call Jollibee delivery. Do you think it is the store who answers your call? 98% of the time no. It is the contact center that was contracted by Jollibee to serve their customers over the phone.

At this point you might have noticed that we are are now talking about 2 companies. First is Jollibee, second company is the call Center.

Why do you think that instead of building a call center, Jollibee opted to have a contract with a third party call center company?

Call center

Simply because Jollibee will save alot of money.

Instead of building a facility for the call center, Jollibee will use the one provided by the third party call center company.

Instead of spending money for the recruitment and training. Jollibee will just tell the call center company what kind of agents are they looking for.

Instead of spending money for computers and softwares needed for the orders to be proccessed over the phone, the call center company will provide those things to Jollibee.

Jollibee’s only responsibility is to take care of the cost that the call center company bills them. The call center company onthe other hand will take care of the rest.

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