Call Center Test Sample – Tips for Call Center Newbies.

Looking for a Call Center test sample? You might be wondering what are the common exams or tests when applying for a call center agent position. Most of the time everything starts from an Interview. In some cases you need to pass an Interview over the Phone first before you get an invitation to the recruitment facility of a call center.

After a short interview of course you have to expect that you will be doing examinations in writing or online. Before proceeding to the exams, some call centers will have you on board first. This means you will registering your information to the company’s data base.

It may or may not include the following:

  • Employment history for the pas 3 years.
  • Salary from previous Jobs.
  • Your expected salary.
  • Sensitive medical condition/s.
  • Contact information of previous supervisor/s
  • Contact number of previous employer.

Examinations might differ depending on the scope of the job you are applying for. But most of the time the tests are just the same. Call center companies in The Philippines has similarities on screening their applicants. These tests or exams may include:

  • Psychological or Behavioral exam.
  • Logic exam.
  • Grammar exam.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Typing speed and Accuracy exam.
  • Versant (Listening skills exam).
  • Math and basic computations.
  • Series of interviews to measure your English communication skills.
  • Mock Call (A simulation of a real live call).
  • Medical examinations – of course.

To get the call center test sample click the each link.

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