Phone Interview Questions – Common call center recruitment process

Have you tried to apply in a call center company? If not, then you should expect some phone interview questions prior your official application.

Phone Interview, one of the ms common recruitment process of any call center company to gauge you if you are fit for the position you are applying for. Most of the time the phone verification representative asks for few personal details of the applicant. Lets have a look on some common phone interview questions.

Here are some things that the phone verification representative might ask you.

  • Complete name
  • Age / Date of birth
  • Working experience

In some cases the representative will ask for a detailed information about your previous job like.

  • Job position
  • Salary package
  • Are you still connected, if not why made you decide to leave.

After those questions you will be provided instructions on how you can get to their recruitment facility.

Paano mag apply sa call center?

Tips how to handle phone interviews

If the caller is speaking in English on set of the call, do your best to converse in the same manner.

Caller: Hi good morning! I am looking for Juan?

You: Yes, This is him/her / Yes speaking / Speaking.

I prefer to respond using “speaking” because of 2 main reasons. 1st its a single word response nothing can go wrong. 2nd with proper conviction sounds professional and it gives the caller a good impression about you.

Be straight forward in answering.

When answering questions, be straight for ward as much as possible. If the question is answerable by yes or no don’t bother to give a lengthy explanation.


Caller : Are you still working with the X123 company?

You: No.


Caller : Are you still working with the X123 company?

You: Not anymore, because of my supervisor and yada yada yada.

If you are doing the “Don’t” example quit it. It gives the phone interviewer the impression that you are overly defensive. Wait until the phone interviewer ask for further details.


Be ready with a pen and paper / make sure your phone has enough juice.

Self explanatory.

Don’t stutter, Listen attentively, Avoid feelers.

Relax just think that its just a friend calling. That way you will lessen the chance of stuttering. Make sure to focus on what the interviewer is saying.

Don’t engage too much, unless you can handle it.

Small talks are good, just be careful because it backfires sometimes.

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